Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Makin' Mum Proud

Tonight, I made # 69 in Rachael Ray's 365 No Repeats Cookbook, Garlic and Mint Lamb. Oh my gosh, it was delicious!! My host parents in Australia have sheep, so I'm always looking for ways to support them!
I'm actually kind of scared to cook lamb, since many times my meals don't turn out as planned. Lamb is an expensive meat to fuck up! Anyway, it turned out wonderfully, and the recipe made enough for about 5 extra lamb-patties, so we've got enough left overs to last a few days! I'm going to try to find some mint-jelly, which is almost impossible to get around here. It will just make it perfect.


superrelish said...

Yum, that sounds delicious. I am in serious need of finding quick and easy dishes to contemplate making, but I am essentially too lazy. Would you recommend the book?

Mari said...

Yes! Most of the ingredients are readily available-here at least! Most meals are quick and very easy. I don't like to cook much, so it is good for us!