Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bunco Night

Well, meeting with the girls was a blast! I loved joining the group because everyone already knew everyone (except me and Mandi, but she knows Kathy) and everyone was so comfortable with everyone; it was just a great time. I don't remember all the names, but I've been cheating and reading blogs about the night, which helps me remember who all went!
There was a lot of talk about people I don't know, but the stories were very entertaining. We didn't play bunco, but I don't know how anyway. I didn't contribute too much to the conversation, but I didn't know the people we were talking about!
Why I think the bloggers from last night cool:
  • No one thought twice about my being there. They didn't think it was strange that a stranger joined the mix-they just treated me like one of their own.
  • Kat makes yummy food.
  • There was a lot of swearing. I felt like an adult.
  • The word trifecta was used two different people
  • Other adults have messy homes and are poor (not Kat! this was just gathered from conversation, not demonstration)
  • Everyone had different opinions and shared them without hitting each other.
  • Everyone was themselves (at least seemed to be)
  • I laughed a lot. A lot a lot.
  • I had an irrational fear that everyone would be psychotic and judgemental but the conversations of the evening proved contrary
  • In theory, they like to play bunco...I like games, so in theory, I like bunco.
There are more reasons, I'm sure. I just can't think of anymore at the moment...
I had such a good time. I'm now putting faces and names with blogs, which is also fun. I would like to join them again. Can I? Can I?


Kat Coble said...

I'm poor in some ways, rich in others. ;-p We've been very blessed by our home, which we've often had to struggle to keep--especially since my husband was one of those employees whose job evaporated after 9/11.

We were ALL ourselves, which is the best thing about the Blogger gatherings. We're all too shy by nature to worry about putting on a front.

And of course you can come again. You're part of the gang. That's just how it is. We were delighted to have you join up.

And thanks for the compliment about the food. Although in retrospect that lasagne needed more garlic.

shauna said...

Mari, I'm glad you were there. Hopefully we can do another gathering like this soon!

Ivy, the Great and Powerful said...

Hahaha, I thought you were there with B! That's brave as hell, I don't think I would be that brave, and I am one braver mofo! ;)

Ivy, the Great and Powerful said...

Ack braver=brave, ay yi yi!

Malia said...

Hey, yeah, it's been like a week and I'm just now getting over here to read you. You are really brave, I wouldn't have done that! I was so nervous going to my first blogger meet-up this past Spring but it didn't take long for me to feel like a part of the group.

Hope to see you again sometime!