Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Orson Update Update

The Vet just called. Orson is doing fine, but she wants him to stay over night. WHAT? She said that he kind of acts like he's had a few martinis, so she wants to be able to keep him calm for a little while longer. I asked if there was anything WRONG, and she said that he was doing really well-she just didn't get to do his surgery as early as she had hoped, so he just needs to recuperate.
Thats fine, but we are leaving tomorrow night. He's going to think I snipped him and left him. I'm very cruel.
Not being male, these things shouldn't affect me quite so much as they do. You should have seen me bawling as I rolled Night back from his circumcision. He was only a day old!
I'm kinda jealous. I wish I were "snipped" since we aren't planning on having any more kids. The women in my family seem to be quite fertile, so I am a bit worried. My mom got pregnant with me when she had an IUD in. She had to take it out to keep from aborting me. My sister got pregnant when she was on the patch. Both have a failure rate of less than 1%! Here's to hoping the depo shot is the answer!!

Wow. This post has changed directions!! Um, Orson is fine. I pick him up tomorrow. Everyone is happy!

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Kathy T. said...

Poor Orson! Poor Night! I just had girls, so they never had to go through that... thankfully! I would've cried too. Enjoy your road trip! Be safe...