Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Remember the Drughead?

You know the guy that called me Monday the 13th and left 13 messages about how he NEEDED to talk to the doctor because he is in pain? Well, yesterday (just Tuesday the 14th), he called and said he needed to see the doctor again! Whenever he calls, he is all slurry and disoriented. I told him that the doctor was at a meeting all day, the man said he was in so much pain and his gums were bleeding. Dr gave him a prescription for 12 lortabs the day before! I told him that if he was bleeding, he needed to go to the ER because Dr wasn't even in the office. (I think I told him this in our 3rd conversation of the day.)
Then he called back, no more than an hour and a half later, and told me that he went to the emergency room and they told him to contact us. Excuse me? Who has ever been in and out of an emergency room within an hour and a half, including driving time??
He then asked for Dr's pager number. Knowing that Dr was getting his pager battery replaced, so it wasn't working at the moment, I gave the guy the number. I even told him that he wouldn't be able to reach the dr.
I came in this morning to 3 hang ups from him. Well, I guess I can't PROVE that they were from him, but seeing as his was the only number on the caller id, I'm pretty sure that they were from him. I have his number memorized by the way. By 10:00AM, he had called me and asked for a refill then had his pharmacy fax me asking for a refill.
Dr. called pharmacy, and the pharmacist asked Dr if he is in a group practice since there were so many doctors writing prescriptions. Nope. Apparently, Mr. Druggie has been getting prescriptions for the same type of medicines for about 3 months now, but they are from more than 4 different doctors. (Wouldn't you go to several pharmacies if this was your MO? Maybe he does-that'd be even MORE drugs!)
My doctor called the patient and offered to write an Rx for Tylenol 3, but the patient refused. Doctor refused to refill prescription. This happened over my lunch break. Dr said that he left for lunch with the phone ringing-the man wouldn't stop calling.
It is 2:15 now, and I haven't heard from him yet. We'll see how the day goes...

I'm glad I'm not addicted to a drug. I know how much I love coffee and would be angry if I couldn't get that!

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