Tuesday, November 21, 2006

DrugHead Update

Well, do I have a story for you! Here's part one of DrugHead, and here's part two. Now, for part three. Who knows if this is going to stop at a trilogy or continue? only Mr. DrugHead knows....

While I was on vacation, I called the office voicemail, knowing that Mr. DrugHead was going to fill up the account. Of 15 messages, 11 were from him, and there were 2 hangups.
Of the messages I could understand, they all seemed to say the same thing:
He took the Darvon (kind of like Tylenol 3-I'm not into medicines/drugs-I don't really know the differences). He told Dr (on voicemail) that since Darvon has aspirin in it and he has asthma, he had an asthma attack. He said that he is in horrible pain and needs more lortab. He also said that he had talked to Tenncare (Tennessee's version of medicare) and they would pay to get the teeth taken out if Dr said it was an emergency. At the end of many of the messages, he said, "Well, I'll try Dr. on his cell phone again." (Dr forgot to block number when he answered a page)
Mr. DrugHead left this message 11 times!
First of all, we don't take Tenncare, so if they do pay for it, they won't pay us...
Second of all, Dr. won't say it is an emergency because there is another issue here...
Third of all, Dr. told DrugHead that he couldn't be seen here until after he got a paper from the ER saying what they did to treat his bleeding.
Fourth of all, HE STILL OWES US MONEY!

When I got back to work today, Dr. said that he had spoken with the pharmacy after writing the Darvon prescription, and the pharmacist said that they didn't have any, so Dr. said not to give him anything. Dr. talked to pharmacy later in the day (after getting asthma attack message), and they didn't transfer the prescription, so he didn't even take the Darvon. Then, the pharmacist said that they ran a search of Mr. DrugHead at local pharmacies. Since August, he has had 5 different pharmacies filling prescriptions, 3 or 4 prescriptions for lortab, xanzx, and percocet in the same day! One doctor even wrote a prescrition for 120 lortab! That is a lot of lortab. I took one after getting my tooth pulled and was out of it for 24 hours. My dr usually prescribes 6-12, no where near 120! One prescription for lortab was written for 60 of them. Then another one was dispensed 11 days later for 90.

We haven't heard from him yet today, but it is still morning... Dr. is giving him the boot today when he does call, which is nice for me since I don't want to have to talk to him!

How scary to have to rely on drugs to make it through. No wonder he can't afford to pay us.

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