Wednesday, November 15, 2006

He Called AGAIN (scroll down for WFMW)

Dr and I were in the operatory with a patient. The phone rings. Since I am the only dental assistant, I am the only one to answer the phone. If we are in the middle of a procedure, I just let it go to voicemail, which is what I did. Then the phone rang again, right away. Knowing who was calling and knowing that he wouldn't stop, I went to pick up the phone.
"Um, yes (blurred speech) this is Mr. Druggie. Dr said he would call in a prescription for me." (Previously, Mr Druggie had called Dr's direct line (caller id sucks) and agreed to the lesser drug. He just wanted a drug.)
"Well, he is in the middle of a procedure now. He will call it in when he finishes."
"He told me he would call it in RIGHT AWAY."
okay. I doubt that. "Well, he is with the patient. When he finishes, he will call it in."
"I'm at the pharmacy right now."
"Again, he is still with the patient."
"Can I come in and pick it up?"
"It isn't written yet."
"Does he need to write it out?"
"Um, not if he calls it into the pharmacy, which is what he is planning on doing when he finishes with the patient."
"Well, I live clear across town."
huh? "Okay."
"This is ridiculous! mumble. mumble."
"I'm just going to come sit in your waiting room."
"That will just make the process take longer. Then he would need to write it out, then you would have to go to the pharmacy, then they would fill it. If you wait (of which you have no choice) until he is finished with the procedure, he can call it in and get it filled more quickly."
"How long will it be?"
"Maybe half an hour, but since he doesn't have me helping him, probably longer."
"Mumble mumble. click."

After Dr calls it in, I get ANOTHER call from Mr. Druggie.
**"When Dr calls in my prescription, will you give him the number to a different pharmacy for me?"
"He has already called it in."
"Okay, bye. Click"

**what'd I tell you?? he has them spread around town!!


Anna said...

I know he must be annoying, but it does sound quite exciting!

Mom2fur said...

I work for a pediatrician's office, so I haven't gotten quite that kind of phone call. But what is it with people who expect a doctor to drop everything (in my boss's case, probably an infant) and run to pick up the phone? And how about people who start rattling off as if you are a doctor or nurse (I'm a receptionist) and it takes you five attempts to get a word in edgewise.
We won't even talk about the woman who started blabbering in either Spanish or Hindi without wondering if I, too, spoke either language.
That Mr. Druggie of yours is verrrrry suspicious, isn't he?

Jenn said...

Does it scare you a bit that he wants to come in and sit in the waiting room? We have some parents at OFS with major problems and we have to be pretty savy sometimes about letting them pick up their kids. You know fishing to see if they drove here etc. Sometimes we don't release their kids to them and that is when the addict truly becomes nuts! As I can well imagine if it happened to me!

Mari said...

It DOES scare me that he would come! Before work that morning, I pictured him being at the front door, waiting. I wasn't going to unlock the front door until the doctor showed up, but luckily, the doctor showed up for work before I did, AND (more importantly!) Mr. Druggie didn't.