Thursday, December 28, 2006

Part Two

He then says, "That is something we need to talk about. If you are the office manager, you really need to know more about what is going on."

WHAT? Okay. He wants to hire someone new, so I will be the office manager then; however, I didn't call the meeting-he did; therefore, he should be the one telling me something, right?

He then proceeded to tell me that I am doing a horrible job with collecting money, and it is my fault that the people haven't paid. It is my fault that he can't hire someone new because I haven't been getting enough money into the office. It is my fault that the insurance companies haven't paid what they initially told me that they would. It is my fault that the people that I have been contacting for over 3 months haven't paid.

He also told me that I am supposed to be at the office every morning at 7:45, not 8:00, which is when I get there. Now, let me just tell ya'll that we've had this conversation. He told me-about a month after hiring me-that he was very happy with the work I was doing and that the time I've been showing up to work is fine, as long as I'm ready for the first patient. We RARELY have anyone in the office before 9:00 anyway. I usually show up around 5 till 8. Considering that when I leave in the evening, I leave everything already set up for the next day, I don't think I need OVER AN HOUR to unlock the door and turn on the "open" sign. When I started to remind him that he told me "it was all good," he protested, acted like I was being an insubordinate teenager, and told me, "The work day begins at 7:45." Period. He also made reference to the fact that I should leave everything ready for the morning when I leave in the evening. Excuse me? I do.

I don't usually argue or try to defend myself when something like this happens. I know from being a teacher that when someone is upset, they don't want to hear excuses. They just want the problem fixed. But, he was saying random things and coming out of nowhere. Up to this day, he praised my hard work and quick learning ability. There was no transition, kind of like Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde.


Anna said...

God, it sounds like he's acting really bizarre. Hold in there, play his game for a bit, then YOU call a meeting, keep track of all the money calls you make and present them, so he can see how much effort you are putting into it.

Good luck!

Ivy, the Great and Powerful said...

Wow, that's crazy! I guess he's really worried about money. Getting insurance companies to pay up is the worst. Sorry your boss is acting like this!