Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Book that Guilt Wrote...

I normally love Jonathan Kellerman books. I have a million books waiting to be read, and I recently picked one of his to be my bedside book. (I have a bedside book and a purse book. The bedside book is really a house book because I read it in the tub and the library too. Actually, I hardly ever get to read my purse book...) I added it to my librarything, and I delved in. Then got lost in the second chapter-not lost as in "lose yourself in a good book," but lost as in "what the fuck is going on in this book?!"

The book is written with two main characters-from two points of view, I think. The first chapter was written in first person; the second was written in third person, about a different character. I assume that the two characters were going to meet or something, but I couldn't keep it straight. I think if I could have taken the time to read it for an hour at a time or so, I would have gotten into it more, but they way it worked out, I would forget that it was written that way until I was a few pages into the alternate chapter and would have to go back because I had thought it was a different character the whole time.

There is no explanation that the book is written this way. Maybe it isn't even written that way. Maybe I just read it wrong. Maybe I am just a big dummy because I can't read a damn book and understand it.

Anyway, the main problem I had was that the book made me feel guilty for not enjoying it. I've read books that I have found fault with but continued reading anyway and still found enjoyment from them, but I just couldn't keep reading this book. I didn't like it. I felt guilty, though, since I am normally a big fan of Jonathan Kellerman. I admire the writing style-it is a great concept, just not one that I could follow.

To ease my guilt, I gave the book to someone at work. She loved it and finished it in one night. This eased my guilt and allowed me to go on to a new book. Since someone was able to enjoy the Jonathan Kellerman book, I don't have to feel guilty anymore! Weird but true.

Does my title make sense? I like the title, but I don't think it makes sense. I'm keeping it, though. Maybe that is what Jonathan Kellerman thought too-the book doesn't make sense, but he liked it so he kept it. I guess that is his prerogative, and mine too!

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