Thursday, April 26, 2007

Guard Your Sushi

We went to a new sushi restaurant the other day. It was fun-I love me some good sushi.

You know how you start divying up the sushi at the end of the meal? Well, Josh and I picked out our last pieces just as the waitress came back to check on us. As I was telling her that everything was good, Keira stood up and shoved MY LAST PIECE into her mouth.

I never got my last piece of sushi, so now we have to go back. Had I known that my last piece was my last piece, maybe I'd be okay, but right now I've been left hanging...waiting for my last piece!


Kathy T. said...

You know I've never liked sushi. Maybe because I've never had it with anyone who knows what's good and what isn't. But if it was chocolate, I'd have to whoop a child's butt!

Mari said...

I think sushi gets a bad rap. Most people just think of it as gross raw fish, but it really isn't.
The best ones to try are: Philadelphia rolls (those are made with cream cheese-yum!) and Crunchy Shrimp. California rolls are very safe-most places have them and they don't have anything "gross" in them.

Just don't take your kids with you. They find out it tastes good and don't care about the price-or who gets the last one!!

Anna said...

Tino once ate the last piece of chicken from my curry, i was saving it so I could savour it. I was devestated and have never let him forget it!

Heather said...

I'm like Joey from Friends. I require "buffer food." Growing up anything 'good' was a huge treat and my sisters usually swiped most of it. Ever since I have been very protective of the things I want to savor and I am NOT good at sharing. However, I'm also respectful of others' food and I don't expect them to share with me. Now, I just need to ingrain this in my children.