Thursday, April 12, 2007

Melmo Follow Up

It turns out that I saved Elmo some grief! Not two days after Elmo's passing, Coochi Coochi Coochi TOOK ELMO'S SHELL. I'm telling you-he would have pulled him out if I wouldn't have killed him first! He moved into Elmo's shell, then moved back into his own, then moved back into Elmo's to far. So, is Coochi Coochi Coochi now Elmo?? Weird.

Night was fine with Coochi Coochi Coochi dying. Apparently, he'd already had a talk with one of his "friends" from the playland at Chick-Fil-A whose pets kept dying, so he was okay with it. I used quotes for friends because he's never seen her again, and he doesn't know her name; but according to him, they are really good friends!

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