Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Okay. Here I Go...Part One

It all started last Monday. You will recall, I usually love my boss, the dentist (my manager at the restaurant is another story, but this isn't about him... He (the dentist) has been very strange lately: Mean.

When I first started working for him in March, he was mean to me then. Then he went on vacation for a week, and when he returned, he was soo nice. He's been sooo nice ever since... Until maybe a month ago. He started getting stressed out. Being a dentist is expensive. December and January are very slow months for dentists-at least the two that I've worked for. Even though the patient flow is slow, the bills still roll in. This, in turn, stresses out the dentist.

He took away my coffee. No, this isn't rant about his taking away my coffee, but it is just an example-you can't just take away coffee privileges suddenly -without reason-and act as if you've done nothing wrong...

Okay. So, last Monday, he tells me that we are going to have a meeting. Alrighty. We are a slow office-only employee is me. We don't really NEED to SCHEDULE a meeting, but ok! I'll be there. Then, when I sit down, he says something about what I was going to present at the meeting. Huh? I said it. I have tried to stop my "habit," but god forgive me-I said it. "I don't know."

It isn't like I have a bad habit of saying FUCK around the patients. When asked a question that I do not know the answer to, I foolishly (and apparently uncaringly) say, "I don't know."


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